Why use BA Wheels Ltd. rather than a mobile repair service?

BA Wheels offer a “TOTAL WHEEL REFURBISHMENT” service, that mobile alloy wheel repair services cannot offer, for a similar price or in some cases less to what they will charge for a temporary, cosmetic, touch up job only on the face of the wheel. B A Wheels “TOTAL WHEEL REFURBISHMENT” service finishes are an all over coating which is tougher and longer lasting and will last you for years to come. Mobile services cannot prepare the wheel as thoroughly or strip off old coatings prior to refurbishment so it is impossible for a mobile service to achieve the same finish as B A Wheels. In most cases they don’t even remove the tyre, they just mask it off.

What is the original factory finish on my wheels from new?2018-02-21T10:33:38+00:00

When alloy wheels are manufactured they are powder coated not painted. B A Wheels replaces the coating inside and out using the same powder coating process & products as an alloy wheel manufacturer.

My wheels have flaking, dull paint, corrosion etc?2018-02-21T10:33:24+00:00

When you paint over the face of a wheel that has flaking, dull paint, corrosion etc, your new finish will only be as strong as the paint underneath, this is also a good indication that it has had a cosmetic touch up at some point, that is why we strip and refurbish the whole wheel.

Can I use the vehicle straight away afterwards?2018-02-21T10:33:11+00:00

Yes. When the wheels are on the car, it’s ready to go.

How do I know if my wheels are powder coated, diamond cut or polished?2018-02-21T10:32:59+00:00

Silver powder coated alloy wheels usually have a fine metallic finish. Diamond cut or polished wheels have very faint lines on the front surface of the wheel, similar to grooves in a record or CD.

What are your Terms & Conditions?2018-02-21T10:32:48+00:00

Please follow this link for our terms and conditions and warranty information.

I’ve already bought new tyres, can you fit them?2018-02-21T10:32:30+00:00

Yes if you supply new tires with your wheels we will be happy to fit them, however we do ask you to dispose of your  old ones.

Do refurbished wheels add value to a car?2018-02-21T10:32:17+00:00

Depending on the age to some extent, make and model of the car and the type of wheels, but in most cases the answer is yes, because newly-refurbished wheels will greatly improve the overall appearance of the car. The higher the value of the car to start with, the greater the chance that refurbishing the wheels will increase its value. It is a well known fact that car traders have said that their customers comment on the condition of the wheels on a car and see it as a good indication of how the car has been treated and having the wheels refurbished undoubtedly the car is sold quicker.

What colours can you do?2018-02-21T10:32:06+00:00

We have a range of finishes that we are frequently asked for. It is possible to have your wheels any colour that you want – there is an extra charge for this if it is not in our normal colour range.

Can you match my centre caps?2018-02-21T10:31:54+00:00

We can paint a similar colour in a wet paint on plastic caps, and metal caps but it is important that they are in good condition in order for us to refurbish your centre caps.

Can I use jet washers, acidic cleaning solutions or alloy wheel cleaners?2018-02-21T10:31:41+00:00

BA Wheels do not recommend the use of jet washes, using acidic cleaning solutions or any proprietary alloy wheel cleaners as these are specifically designed for polished and un-lacquered wheels and contain acid based cleaners, that will attack and in time break down lacquer coatings. A mild detergent such as Fairy liquid and hot water used once a week will suffice.

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